We are officially removing avocado from our menu for the foreseeable future.  As soon as the market stabilizes we will bring back the avocado toast and avocado benedict, until then we will have some fun specials and new things to try!

Below are a few insights on the current situation with the avocado trade that brought us to this decision. We hope you read what we’ve prepared and choose to further educate yourself on the issues surrounding this super fruit.


This years major avocado crop shortage in the Golden State is beginning to inflate domestic costs and is increasing demands for import of the fruit from Mexico and Peru. Avocado harvests in California are down almost 50% from last year thanks to extreme heat and aftereffects from the drought, according to the California Avocado Commission.


Mexico provides over 75% of the avocados in the US market.

Such is the size of the avocado market that it has become a lucrative business for Mexico’s drug cartels who are responsible for countless kidnappings,extortions, and murders in relation to the avocado trade.

Beyond alleged criminal activity, avocado farming has had massive negative effects on Mexican land. As Talia Coria, an official in Mexico’s attorney general’s office for environmental protection recently told the Associated Press, deforestation due to avocado farming is dire. Coria told the AP that between 30 to 40 percent—between 15,000 to 20,000 acres—of Michoacán’s annual forest loss is caused by avocado farming.


Americans are used to buying whatever fruits and vegetables they want whenever they want them, thanks largely to imports from Mexico. This could soon end up effecting more than just avocados.

If you think prices are unpredictable now, be warned: They could get a whole lot worse depending upon how the Trump administration renegotiates the North American Free Trade Agreement.

As you can see there are a lot of different parts to this complex issue and we are hopeful that things will stabilize and become more sustainable soon.

~The Fat Hen