thank you, kind neighbor, for growing these lovely cherries to top our almond pavlova.  Levain toast & homemade strawberry jam. And a grotesque amount of butter.  Witch hazel in bloom is the best thing about January.  Potato soup with pancetta, basil & melty bits of smoked mozzarella.  cortado
 Salad days by @localrootsfarm  Cauliflower soup for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Listen, you really need to try some of this soup.  Fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast! Photo via @thebrokenbread  time for ginger cake.  Kale Caesar Salad made with fresh Local Roots Farm kale.
 Ripen!  a tender crop of rhubarb  Massimo's 2014 resolution: perfect spaghetti alla carbonara. Pic via @thebrokenbread  Chicken liver pâté  Come try our new Wild Lobster Mushroom Risotto!
 Afternoon latte & cardamom bun  We have #semlor - cardamom sweet rolls filled with almond paste and soft whipped cream. #semmeldagen  Zuppa di pesce!  Why yes, we do eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  Come enjoy a warm bowl of our seasonal butternut squash soup.
 Spring pea soup & homemade ricotta  Alaskan King Crab on that Benedict. Available tomorrow until it's gone.  Merry Christmas to all! Thanks @rikafoto for the delicious krumkake.  Wild Yellowfoot chanterelles, Benedict bound.  Burrata, basil & neighborhood grown san marzano tomatoes
 Almost time for our spring break- we'll be back on the 22nd. Thank you all for being such lovely guests!  We're still open despite the snow! ☕️  Lussebullar  Speck Benedict  Frisee & lardon - @localrootsfarm greens, soft poached egg, lardon, levain toast points