Hello hens both young and old! This holiday season, we will be open for normal business hours except the following dates: 12/22-12/25 closed 1/1 open 9am-4pm  Ripen!  a tender crop of rhubarb  Zuppa di pesce!  Why yes, we do eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.
 Jam-bound  Afternoon latte & cardamom bun  We have #semlor - cardamom sweet rolls filled with almond paste and soft whipped cream. #semmeldagen  Merry Christmas to all! Thanks @rikafoto for the delicious krumkake.  Wild Yellowfoot chanterelles, Benedict bound.
 How now, secret, black, and midnight Jill!  Spring pea soup & homemade ricotta  Alaskan King Crab on that Benedict. Available tomorrow until it's gone.  Lussebullar  Speck Benedict
 Headed home! The Fat Hen will be closed from 10/14 to 10/24.  Almost time for our spring break- we'll be back on the 22nd. Thank you all for being such lovely guests!  Witch hazel in bloom is the best thing about January.  Potato soup with pancetta, basil & melty bits of smoked mozzarella.  cortado
 Wild foraged chanterelles are here.  Levain toast & homemade strawberry jam. And a grotesque amount of butter.  Fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast! Photo via @thebrokenbread  time for ginger cake.  Kale Caesar Salad made with fresh Local Roots Farm kale.
 thank you, kind neighbor, for growing these lovely cherries to top our almond pavlova.  Cauliflower soup for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Listen, you really need to try some of this soup.  Massimo's 2014 resolution: perfect spaghetti alla carbonara. Pic via @thebrokenbread  Chicken liver pâté  Come try our new Wild Lobster Mushroom Risotto!